6 People Injured in Firing on Imran Khan’s Container

A firing incident took place on the container of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan injuring 6 people, including him. The shots were fired from a distance when the convoy of Mr. Khan was passing through the Kuri Bridge area of Bani Gala.

Who Was Injured in the Firing on Imran Khan’s Container?

Six people including Imran Khan were injured in the firing on his container. You were one of them. It all started when a group of men began firing at Khan’s container while he was addressing the crowd.

You, along with five other people, were injured in the crossfire. The men had apparently planned to kill Khan, but they failed. Khan escaped unharmed, but you and the others were not so lucky.

You were rushed to the hospital and treated for your injuries. You’re lucky to be alive.

How Many People Were Injured?

Six people were injured in the firing on Imran Khan’s container. It’s not clear who was behind the attack, but it seems to have been a deliberate act.

The injured have been taken to the hospital, and an investigation is underway. Imran Khan is safe and has been moved to a secure location.

What Are the Details of the Incident?

You’ve probably heard that six people were injured in a firing incident on Imran Khan’s container yesterday.

The victims include two policemen and four PTI workers. According to the police, the firing was carried out by unknown assailants from a nearby building.

Imran Khan has accused the ruling party of being behind the attack, and has called for a country-wide strike in protest. The government has denied any involvement in the attack and has launched an investigation into the matter.

Who Is Imran Khan?

You might not know this, but Imran Khan is a political leader in Pakistan. He’s been in the news a lot lately because of the protests he’s been leading.

Anyway, on Sunday night, there was an attack on Khan’s convoy. Gunmen opened fire on his container, and six people were injured. Khan was unharmed, but the incident is a worrying sign of the violence that’s been gripping Pakistan lately.

What Has Been His Response to the Incident?

What has been Imran Khan’s response to the incident?

He has condemned the attack in the strongest possible terms, and has vowed to continue his struggle for justice. In a tweet, he said that this attack is an attempt to derail the change that is coming to Pakistan.

He also appealed to the nation to stay united in the face of these challenges, and said that he will not be deterred by these cowardly attacks.


You have probably heard that Imran Khan’s container was fired on and that six people were injured. This senseless act of violence needs to be condemned by all.

This attack could have been much worse, and we need to remember that these politicians are people too. They deserve to be safe while they are out campaigning, and we should all be outraged by this attack.

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