Imran Khan Said Even hanging upside down can’t disqualify me

Imran Khan is very hurt-some for govt to make tryst with someone who said that the country would be better if you fall from the top of the hill

The government responded by saying that his statement was political rhetoric, and that the constitution does not allow for an independent judiciary.

With the support of a legal team and public support, Imran Khan said that he does not believe hanging upside down can change the verdict of his council for disqualification as international law does not accept such rulings.

A story which made headlines on Monday is the one of Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan saying he would not resign despite being stripped of his office by the Supreme Court for “disobeying” its direction and challenging the apex court for the first time.

Imran Khan said that even hanging upside down can’t disqualify me, but he has been disqualified.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan

The PML-N and PTI have accused each other of being corrupt, this is because the leaders of these parties have enjoyed lavish lifestyles for decades. Imran Khan went against everyone else when he spoke about how corrupt he was, so the Pakistanis are saying that it’s okay to be corrupt as long as you can prove it. The government has actually had very little to say this time around except for a vague response in which they claimed that they couldn’t comment on matters that are being investigated by the police.

Speaking to India Today Television, Imran Khan said even hanging upside down can’t disqualify him.

The govt has a habit of taking the side of the imrankhan. Now, he is the most popular leader after zardari and pakistan’s cricketer. The government added khan to its list of cricketers who were considered national heroes. The government also gave him a white arm band as a mark of appreciation.

Imran Khan Said Even hanging upside down can’t disqualify me –The Nation automatically qualifies for the political stature as a person who cannot be disrespected. The idea of hating or standing against any other person, who leads is not important at all.

Recently cricketer turned politician Imran Khan said that hanging upside down isn’t a disqualification. The government of Pakistan supported the development and added more fuel to their fire.

The government will take steps to ensure the crown prince and other close associates, including royal princes and billionaires, are not involved in any wrongdoing

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