Pakistan’s Imran Khan Wins Majority of Seats in By-Elections

Imran Khan won the elections with the most votes.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party has emerged as the biggest winner in the country’s by-elections, with its leader Imran Khan winning a majority of the seats. The result was declared early Wednesday evening following nationwide polling before the end of polling hours on Tuesday.

As the results of Pakistan’s 13th general elections come in, which were held on July 25, Pakistan’s High Court will take up next Monday an appeal filed by the opposition party PML-N against the election commission’s decision to register Imran Khan as a candidate from NA-53. The SC will hold a hearing after 2 pm.

Pakistani politician Imran Khan, detained for five years by Interpol on charges of corruption and money laundering, won the most seats in the parliament of any candidate in a surprise victory in Thursday’s general election.

On July 11, Pakistan’s Imran Khan won polls in Pakistan’s restive province of Punjab by a landslide. His main rival, ex-Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, secured only six seats out of a total of 89 in the province’s provincial assembly.

Pakistani political parties have lost the majority of seats in by-elections following the 2018 general elections. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has won by a huge margin and said that he is “ready to rule for the next five years”.

Pakistan’s Imran Khan is set to resume power after winning the country’s general elections. The former cricket star shared a selfie of him and his family wearing traditional shalwar kameez and holding hands. The 50-year-old is seen embracing his daughter, as he shares a thumbs-up with supporters in Lahore. His party will now take over from Nawaz Sharif.

Who stepped down as prime minister last month following a conviction in an anti-corruption case. Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has won majority seats in the May 11 federal and provincial elections. The celebrations that followed the victory were a demonstration of how much this election means to many Pakistanis and their increasing hopes for a better future.

Imran’s win is unprecedented, as he stands to become Pakistan’s 12th prime minister in 14 years. You wouldn’t believe but Pakistan’s Imran Khan has won by a landslide of nearly 60 percent in the elections. He won a majority in all three major cities.

Is Imran Khan’s party the only one to win the election? By-elections were held across Pakistan on Saturday, in efforts to fill up vacant seats in parliament. As soon as the results came out, Imran Khan’s party took a majority of seats at the National Assembly and Provincial Assembly.

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