Imran Khan’s controversial statement banned from airing

Controversial statements are often banned from airing on television and radio stations.

India’s broadcasting standards are determined by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, which will strictly enforce a ban if it has reasonable grounds to believe that a program may violate the guidelines.

The controversy arose in response to a statement made by the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, during a live media interaction last week. The statement was considered controversial because it focused on those who criticised his policies and claimed that he had become too powerful.

The statement referred to a recent controversy between Muslim countries and the USA regarding Trump’s travel ban, which was condemned by Imran Khan. The ban was implemented by the governments of Pakistan, Malaysia, and Brunei to the citizens of six countries who are leading terrorist organizations.

Controversial statements like those made by Imran Khan have the potential to offend members of certain communities, highlighting his controversial behavior and lowering his level of trustworthiness.

Controversial statements are close from airing on a news channel for several reasons. The most widely accepted reason for banning such a statement is to protect the reputation of the channel and its reporters. This ban extends to all of mainstream media and extends even extend to social media platforms.

The broadcaster said controversial statements aiming to incite violence against authorities and religious, racial and ethnic groups would be close from airing during the election campaign.

Imran Khan himself has said, “I am being targeted by all the groups in Pakistan and they are working against me” in an interview. In his attempt to retain power, Imran Khan started off with a poll of controversial statements. All of a sudden all the controversial statements were close from airing on private channels with immediate effect, possibly because Imran didn’t want to give any sort of publicity

Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister and cricket legend, said in a television interview that the country will change if democracy doesn’t work. He also said that Pakistan should work with separatists and jihadists in Afghanistan, home to his political rival who has waged war against Islamabad’s troops.

Imran Khan’s controversial statement banning TV coverage from airing his speech on the Army Day was banned from airing due to concerns he would incite violence against army personnel.

Imran Khan had made a controversial statement which is close from airing. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to ban the live show of Imran himself, where he could speak about the contesting ways of politics. The decision was announced after a meeting at PTA headquarters on Saturday and it’s a part of the ongoing war between politicians of opposites i.e. PTI and PML-N

Imran Khan’s controversial statement has been close from airing on television on the grounds that it contains slanderous material damaging to the national interest.

Theresa May’s refusal to meet US President Donald Trump amid the ongoing spat between Washington and London over Iran, is slowly brewing into a diplomatic crisis. Majority of people in the UK, especially those close to Prime Minister, are furious with her decision to cancel meeting with President Trump, who was due to visit the UK on 13 October.

Imran Khan has issued a statement banning controversial content that is deemed ‘unsuitable’ for children or else in clear violation of his own earlier guidelines under which only ‘adults-only’ content would be permitted.

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