Imran Khan’s way to deal with the Islamabad High Court to excuse the psychological warfare body of evidence against him

The Islamabad High Court accepted the perspective and reservations of the governor house over the upcoming elections with the counsel for Imran Khan requesting for stay in order to take back his original lawyer.

However, the court did not approve Imran Khan’s request to drop this case and instead order for him to appear before it in next couple of days.

Imran Khan has tried his best to get the Islamabad High Court to excuse the psychological warfare body of evidence against him. In a fake court, Imran Khan was charged with impersonating an election official and painting over a PDA booth during a by-election in Rawalpindi.

He traveled from London to work with the legal team representing him who argued that it would not be possible for an elected member of parliament to engage in such actions and would not have time for them; therefore, he should escape with a temporary order that temporarily suspended his trial until February 6, along with $400,000 penalty that must be made monthly payments until 2021.

If this is granted by the court any harm will be due to democracy’s lack of trust in law enforcement agencies, but if the case becomes public knowledge and Imran is convicted this could create “unfairness” among the public

Imran Khan has been accused of an ugly incident of psychological warfare.

He has instructed a lawyer that it was not wise to contact the Islamabad High Court because they are the holy people of the country and they will decide whether the evidence against him is valid or not.

Mr. Khan has sought to petition the Islamabad High Court (IHC) seeking to be excused from appearing before the Senate inquiry into the disqualified members of the National Accountability Bureau, in light of a psychological warfare body being deployed by the IHC to substantiate allegations against him. However, he has been granted conditional bail by the IHC and is expected to appear at an event on Wednesday.

Imran Khan had to reach a deal about the psychological warfare body of evidence against him.

He had zeroed his attention on the Supreme Court of Pakistan back in 2015 and 2016 and tried to get a stay order from them to stay the proceedings and prove his innocence.

However, he failed to get any good news from them since judges at the apex court have admitted that their position is not strong enough to be able to stop these cases. Therefore, Imran Khan has decided upon a new strategy altogether now and he will focus on his legal team who will try their best in getting him out of these cases using the Supreme Court of Pakistan as an ally.

Imran Khan, a Pakistani politician and cricket player, on Tuesday offered to resign as prime minister if the Supreme Court revokes an investigation into his alleged mental health. In a post on Twitter, he promised that he would remain in office as long it takes to build “a truthful Pakistan.”

Imran Khan, who is an actor and a politician and in the rule of Pakistan is facing investigation by the judiciary.

He gave 4 points to IHC but he failed to get a restraining order from the court. He submitted that there are psychological war tapes of himself running for president and some other top leaders of PTI. He also said that if a person doesn’t want to be investigated then he shouldn’t be doing those things which will make him an accuser because he is going to be a liar.

Imran Khan’s new country going to be a Islamic Republic, he took the decision and announced on the parliament. He was trying to get a guarantee from all Pakistanis. In reaction to this matter, the government was against him and they started war with him. After speaking with his court friends, Imran has finally came to take out a deal with them. However, people have started taking legal courses regarding this matter as well.

It was the decision of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) to acquit Imran Khan on all 32 counts that have been leveled against him by the National Accountability Bureau. In return, he will withdraw his petition for contempt against the Supreme Court. The deal has also been negotiated between Mr. Justice Khosa and/or Mr. Adnan Akmal as well as Mr. Razzaq Anjum Khattak

Imran Khan presented a petition at the Islamabad High Court to excuse the psychosocial warfare body of evidence against him. It was an attempt to shield his image from being damaged by the allegations which have been provided by some influential media houses in Pakistan.

Imran Khan is a famous cricketer but he also plays politics in Pakistan. He was contesting against the PML-N party of Nawaz Sharif and former chief of army staff, General Raheel Sharif. In his speech, he said that why should he run away from the court now that he has decided to fight politically again after the last three years when there were few chances of winning elections. He also said that all high courts in the country have exempted him from taking the oath as their leader by now and therefore there is no need for him to mention it in his plea.

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