IPhone 14 Pro Max vs 13 & 12 Pro Max – Ultimate Camera Comparison

IPhone 14 Pro Max vs 13 & 12 Pro Max – Ultimate Camera Comparison

Is the IPhone 14 pro cameras really that much better than the IPhone 13 Pro or the 12 Pro Max – Ultimate Camera Comparison Well today we’re going to take a look at a ton of different photos both outside in the daylight low light shots Raw photos Ultra wides and telephoto

Shots as well as video quality with standard video cinematic mode the new action mode and we’re gonna see once and for a while is the camera update that much better.I took over 300 photos and also videos and I have a lot to show you both good stuff and some not so good with these new phones.

I’m gonna split it up into different categories so let’s go ahead and jump in starting with colors and contrast I found that the 14 pro line really varies as far as the saturation the contrast sometimes it’s more sometimes it is less and this shot right here is

Just way too much but in general what I found is that it looks a little bit more natural even though it’s less contrast and in some dark scenes you see the shadow detail a little bit more and also for now night mode shots the saturation is definitely boosted up

but I’ll talk about that more in just a bit as far as white balance the iPhones have typically been more warm in this shot you guys see that. But often I saw there’s actually more cool than the previous generations in this shot right here the 14 pro looks way.

Better where the 13 looks the worst way too warm and in this portrait shot the 14 pro is actually the most warm but that’s exactly how the scene was in this morning selfie you guys can see that my face is a lot more cool and here it actually would prefer the warmth of the other two phones and in this nighttime shot the 14 Pros image is a lot cooler.

But it is actually more accurate because that’s the kind of lighting that we had and same thing here the 14 pro looks a little bit more cooler the face has a little bit more shadowing whereas the 13 It’s warmer it’s really flat in the face I think that was the worst one out of the bunch now most

YouTubers don’t cover panoramas and with this new 48mp pixel sensor I wanted to see if it got any better stacking all three with the 14 pro at the top I would say that I actually prefer the 13 pro has a little bit more contrast and a lot less flaring the 14 pro has a flare spot and the 12 pro has all

That contrast loss cropping in to look at the detail I would say that the 14 pro looks the worst it is over sharpened even though it has a little bit better dynamic range than the 12 Pro I would take either of the older ones instead so no the 48 megapixel .

Sensor doesn’t really help it might actually make it worse because of the extra processing needed one thing that has plagued iPhones for a long time is flaring this is where many Android phones really beat the iPhone so let’s see

if it got any better and even from this first selfie shot you guys can see a massive difference the 14 pro has barely new flaring the contrast is way better and the 12 Pro is just really bad moving to the main camera. You guys could see that the flare spot right there in the middle on the 14 pro is much smaller.

than the other two and then I adjusted the angle a little bit lower and now all we have is a tiny little dot that is easy to fix and then moving back to the older Generations each one gets worse looking at the telephoto cameras we have a similar result with the 14 pro doing the best and even around the sun we have barely any flare spots so apples definitely improved.

That and looking at the ultra wide we have a similar result nice flaring control and this ultrawide shot that you already saw the 14 pro does so much better not only do we have way less flaring up in the sky but if you look at the bottom of the picture.

we have no ring at all in the 14 pro a smaller one of 13 and a more visible one on the 12 series now when it comes down to video there’s less processing that can be done in software to remove it.

But we still have a little bit better results for the video and with that telephoto camera recording gets the sun once again much better we’re maintaining that contrast less flaring whereas the 12 series looks way worse.

so overall we have a huge Improvement if you’d like to shoot against the sun to give you a nice glow you’re going to be happy the only downside.I would say is that in night mode shots we still have all those little dots from Reflections.

now Apple lowers the brightness more so than before but it is still there and now we’re going to cover details starting with this 48 megapixel main camera I know you guys are gonna be very surprised I also have some tips for you guys now looking at these standard wide shots yes the shot’s a bit wider on the 14 pro.

But if we crop in you guys see that there isn’t much more detail in fact I like the 12 Pro Max’s image the best and that is because when you’re shooting regular photos it is sampling everything into 12 megapixel but looking at these shots here they don’t really look any better.

Apple talked about that quad bearing and that requires a lot more processing but the final result the 12 megapixel images they don’t look any more detailed you guys see this portrait shot here now now when we get into lower light it does look slightly better even though it has less contrast and with some Sunset shots here you also see that.

They look so similar and punching in it doesn’t really look that much better even this lower light condition I personally expected that going from 48 megapixels down to 12 would provide a better image now one thing that did surprise me are these 2x shots which crop into.

The sensor now being a photographer that has shot over 150 weddings and a ton of other shoots I’m really against that digital 2x cropping that Apple showed off so. I didn’t want to believe them but even with this full shot here I see extra detail and cropping in dang that looks much much better than

Before and I think that might be because they’re using less of the sensor they can use extra processing for that and it looks great and because of that I’ve been shooting a lot more 2x shots and they look fantastic whereas before.

I thought I wouldn’t use that at all now in order to get the full quality from this 48 megapixel sensor you have to shoot Pro raw and then when we crop in we see a massive amount of detail difference compared to your standard quad beard shots comparing Pro raw against the older generation phones.

When you crop in you definitely see that added detail it looks much better here in the office I shot this one right here cropping and the image looks more detailed it also looks more natural at the same time and looking at this crop of vadim’s face I mean it’s sharper it looks more detailed it looks more natural it’s better in every single way and thanks to this new 48 megapixel sensor.

IPhone 14 Pro Max vs 13 & 12 Pro Max - Ultimate Camera Comparison
IPhone 14 Pro Max vs 13 & 12 Pro Max – Ultimate Camera Comparison

The photos look better than Samsung’s 50 megapixel and even 108 megapixel photos

In different lighting conditions so it is doing an amazing job now with that I also found that using prora doesn’t always show you as much of a difference cropping in here yes it’s more detailed.

But it’s not as dramatic as before and looking at this shot right here looks a bit more natural on the wide and when we crop in we do notice that we have more detail but the other ones still look kind of sharp because it’s a lot of fake sharpening and that is when I noticed that the raw images obviously look more natural.

But apple is not applying as much contrast or sharpening so if you want to tweak that yourself it still looks more natural and that’s when you really get that detail to pop I also found in situations where there’s a lot of dynamic range or denoising the raw shots don’t look that much better compared to the other two and that’s just.

Because the other ones are over sharpened so as far as the extra details get from the pro right it really depends on what else is going on with the lighting and on the downside the files are massive going from Two and a Half megabytes up to 76 and unfortunately Apple doesn’t let you shoot 48 megapixel without shooting Pro raw.

Now I talked about a way to convert it earlier but this awesome Twitter user created a shortcut which will automatically convert it for you and delete the other file we’ll go ahead and leave a link in the video description now also found one very peculiar thing and that is if you are shooting in night mode with prora yes it does look better it does look more natural than.

The shots from the previous phones you guys can see that right here but when I placed it side by side with the same phone 14 pro Max shooting hdic it didn’t look that much better in fact you had a little bit more noise and then I found out that when you’re shooting in night mode with long exposures it actually does not give you a 48 megapixel file it gives you a 12 so.

It’s way larger but as far as the added detail and benefit of that Pro Raw it’s not that big of a difference so if you’re shooting in super dark situations I would say just shoe heics now even though the other cameras are still 12 megapixel I think you’ll be surprised with the improvements but.

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Comparing the telephoto cameras at full size it’s hard to tell a difference

But if we crop in we do see a little bit more detail Every Generation Now Apple didn’t even make a graphic when they presented the cameras because this is the only lens that actually hasn’t changed is the same as a 13 Pro Max and in this medium lighting situation it looks very similar.

But once again when you punch in you do see more detail because of the new photonic engine and the processing now if you’re somebody likes to zoom in right here we see a lot more detail on the 14 pro Max and the same thing goes for this shot of the tower now in tougher lighting situations.

We see so much more detail from the 14 pro Max it almost looks like a DSLR shot and with this crop shot right here you guys see it’s huge the same thing goes for lower light conditions where the 14 pro Max looks amazing compared to the 13 Pro Max which has the same lens the only issue that I found is sometimes.

It does a little bit too much processing and you have weird artifacts like this switching to the ultra wide even though I don’t look happy here we have a lot more detail in the 14 pro Max and the 12 looks bad now we don’t always get these kind of results in optimal lighting the difference is very little it’s just slightly sharper and in some cases.

When you crop in it actually doesn’t look any better and the same thing goes for lower light conditions where we don’t have night mode just the standard shot and now for the selfie camera the 14 pro Max looks so much better whereas the 13 looks flat and less detailed same thing for lower light conditions the Selfies look awesome.

Now Apple finally added Auto focusing to the front facing camera and here you see that the background is actually sharp whereas the other two they are blurred out so that helps if you’re in an environment where you want to capture that background but one thing that.

I have found is that if you need a tab to adjust your exposure like for a sunrise or Sunset it was actually keeping me blurred out because now it has focus with that so you have to be careful that you don’t just tap you have to use that slider I also found that the 14 series detail isn’t always that much better and it’s typically in situations.

Where you have a big difference in dynamic range and the processing is going towards that so with that let’s take a look at dynamic range starting off with this same shot right here the 12 from axis sky is completely gone but the two two newer phones they look very similar this is something that I’ve complained about for a couple years.

Because Android phones can do a great job with those skies and same thing with this ultrawide shot the sky is just completely gone where Android phones would actually keep that detail now sometimes the dynamic range can actually be worse look right there the 13 Pro Max looks better and of course the 12 per Max it sucks I also found that the 14 pro tends to boost up the Shadows.

Where previously my wife there is crushed and in this shot right here you also see a little bit more detail in the darker part of that Greenery now the biggest difference in dynamic range is this look at my face in this shot on the 14 pro Max the 13 Pro Max looks terrible and we saw that before with the 13 in really tough shots the same thing goes for selfies the 14 pro Max.

Choose to blow out more than the 13 Pro Max but my face looks so much better so much more natural where the 13 wanted to keep some of that sky but we looked terrible and the last Improvement is in Greenery shots like this the 14 pro Max’s image looks like it came straight out of a DSLR camera whereas the other two the dynamic range is just pushed too much.

It looks too flat now as far as dynamic range for video it really has not improved with the sky but if you are shooting a subject that’s being exposed even though we don’t get better dynamic range we don’t have all that flatness of the 12 Pro Max and that’s with a variety of lenses like this main one here for a sunrise the 14 and 13 looks similar the 12 looks bad and the same thing for this.

Ultra wide shot right here where it’s just pushed up too much making it look flat now as far as close-up shots both the 14 and 13 have that macro mode where the 12 doesn’t and because of that you can get really close using the ultra wide camera one downside though is that it sometimes kicks in too early and then.

These shots the ones with the macro mode don’t look good so if you’re not going to get that close I would suggest going to the camera app scroll down and turn turn off the automatic macro so you can control that yourself and then you can shoot a shot like this using that three times lens that looks good but with that the 2.5 still looks better from the 12 Pro Max the 14 Pro have one more weakness and that is minimal focusing distance here you see that .

We cannot get as close with that three times lens and if we switch to the one time lens

The difference is huge you have to be way further away to get Focus that is because of the new large sensor that is in here it is so huge that it requires a big lens which they can’t put in and because of that look how much closer you can get to an object with the 13 and the 12.

So now you will be forced to use the macro mode if you want to take shots of documents and other things getting into portrait shots it’s surprising how similar a lot of these are with the 12 being just slightly behind now I really like that 2x mode that I showed you but here the 3x does look good on the 13 of course we could do the same thing and it looks really remarkably close with the 12 having a little bit less detail.

Now in tougher lighting situations like this one the 14 looks great as far as dynamic range the white balance where the other two both look off and of course I can do that 2x mode that looks fantastic and jumping up to the telephotos here the 12 is the only one that’s really falling behind not as far as the accuracy of the blur the 14 still misses like.

You guys can see in this shot all of them look great but they all have issues where that fences I’ve really put in the test in this shot and none of them are perfect I would say the 14 is just slightly better and then in this shot the 12 actually did the best with the cutout now one feature that the newer phones have is the ability to blur foreground objects like right here.

You guys see that bush is blurred out we’re on the 12 you see it gives you a bit more depth but it looks kind of fake in this shot I prefer the iPhone 12 the image looks sharp because the lighting wasn’t difficult and the blur looks natural because it is instead of fake blur and then shooting here we actually have a little bit of blur on the 12 because of that distance whereas the other ones add fake ones and the cutouts do look better one thing.

That is really annoying when you’re shooting portraits is if it doesn’t let you take the photo it just says your subject is too far well here the 14 was able to take a photo with blur whereas the other two were not and it’s the same case with the main camera as well you could be further back with the 14 and still get blur wear it with the others you can’t and now.

Let’s stick with portraits but move over to night mode now when you have a good amount of light like in this shot all of them look great even with the 12 same thing with here they are very similar switching to the telephoto lenses that don’t capture as much light that’s where the 14 starts to stand out and then same thing with the 1X lens in tough situations like here.

The HDR just looks plain better believe it or not but it was almost Pitch Black in this shot but they all look pretty good because they have the lighter sensor and they’re using night mode with portrait it but the telephoto lenses don’t have that ability so in this shot right here where it is really dark the 13 actually looks better and maybe even the 12 compared to the 14.

As for the front-facing camera when it’s not too dark the 14 pro Max looks amazing with

Its new camera but if it gets too dark none of them look that good yeah the 14 pro Max is better but it’s still kind of blotchy turning night mode off and using the flash makes all of the photos look a lot better surprisingly although the 12 actually looks the best Now.

Napa made a big deal about their new Flash that’s brighter it’s more uniform so I decided to test it out even though I don’t like flash photos and here yeah it looks a little bit better the newer phones are missing that weird glow that are in the eyes and switching over to the telephoto to get some distance I would say that the 12 is that much darker in terms of flash they’re all similar.

I thought maybe it would help with the ultra wide for that spread and yes it does look a little bit better a little bit less noise but I also think it’s just the upgrade of that camera and now let’s show fully into night mode where we have some weirdness going on now some of these images don’t really look that much better on the new 14.

For example here all of them look good same thing with this wide shot they all look pretty good the 14 is not really a big Improvement this telephoto shot as well the same thing goes with these shots that have mixed lighting they don’t look that much better other than the 12 sometimes bringing up that night mode too far like.

We saw in the past so that made me wonder why does it not look that much better and then I paid attention to the night mode settings where the 14 pro doesn’t even turn night mode on whereas the other two do now Apple’s had the biggest lowlight Improvement was with the ultrawide up to three times better and in this shot it definitely looks better and the crazy thing is it only took a second to take that image compared to two on the 12 Pro.

But unfortunately that is not always the case for example here the 14 and 13 look very very very similar and that is because once again night mode is not kicking on by itself now because that I went in the settings and I forced it to be on and this shot right here you see that the 14 pro actually doesn’t look that much better and that is because.

Apple limited to seven seconds compared to 10 seconds for the other one so even though this preview looks terrible once we get to those shots they look great on the other phones now when low light gets extreme like here that is when we’re starting to see that low light Improvement same thing with this shot right here with.

The grass we get more detail with this telephoto Zoom that definitely looks a lot better and in this crazy shot right here I mean those are some massive improvements but it’s extremely dark now what impressed me the most was super dark shots with Skies you guys already saw this shot right here but.

Apple is adding color to the sky now and in this shot on the tripod I mean it looks so much better the colors the detail it looks amazing with this Ultra wide as well it definitely has a big Improvement and in most cases Astro shots they look great but sometimes it does get pushed up just a little bit too much like we’ve seen with pixel phones and now for your video Shooters hasn’t really gotten.

That much better well starting out with the ultra wides we saw that the dynamic range in this mode has improved quite a bit but as far as the actual quality it really doesn’t look that much better the same thing goes for your regular lens even though we have 48 megapixels you don’t really get any extra detail in that so I did this.

Test right here where we have a lot of fine detail and we can crop in and see that even though the 12 looks worse the other two look very similar I might even have to say that the 13 looks better because it has less stuff to deal with now as far as the telephoto lens here they look very similar but if we focus on fine detail the 12 looks worse it doesn’t zoom in as much and then.

If we match up the maximum Zoom we have a similar result they’re very similar and once again again I think the 13 looks slightly better and I also tested out the slow motion function wanting it to get better but in reality I think it also looks worse than the 13 because of those extra pixels it has to deal with now the Cinematic mode has been upgraded to 4K HDR and.

We definitely see more detail and of course the 12 does not have that I also tested out the three times lens and here it looks slightly better but not a huge difference the one thing that has been improved is some of the accuracy where it keeps focused instead of going out and I think the cutouts have also gotten a little bit better now the one new feature is action mode so right here.

I’m running with all of them and as you can see it is slightly smoother but is not a huge difference and that is because with Apple’s marketing they showed off the camera without stabilization compared to with action mode whereas other people that are recording well you have stabilization on all of them and if it’s getting a little bit darker then you’ve really notice.

The difference here I’m running sideways during this sunrise and even though it’s really smooth you can see the quality is much worse but if you go and turn on action mode and then you select the 1X lens now it looks a lot better than it did previously now some of you guys asked for low light video so.

I ran some shots and unfortunately it doesn’t look that much better than the 13 now the 12 does look a lot worse especially if we switch over to that three times lens and the 14 is just slightly better with the main lens here it is really hard to tell a difference between a 13 but compared to the 12 the newer ones look a lot better and we have a similar result with the ultra wide here.

When it’s dark you just don’t have the extra computational power that they use for photos so really it doesn’t look much better compared to the 13. now the front-facing camera, on the other hand, does look better with that new lens and the autofocus you have less noise the image is brighter and overall it’s an improvement.

So there you guys go probably the most detailed comparison anywhere between the last three generations you guys let me know was it worth upgrading is it as big of a difference as Apple said on stage personally I like some of the HDR stuff with the face looking a lot more natural things like.

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